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> hey i’m benton!

i’m an extremely online

digital strategist,

internet anthropologist,

& college student!

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SADMILK, my creative agency

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what i’m listening to

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oh you want more?

benton who?

some people tell me that i am “hard to explain to others”

while this is the best compliment i’ve ever received, it does make building my website difficult.

even so, i’ve done my best to help you answer the question “who tf is this kid?”

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i firmly believe these chairs are public enemy no. 1

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this is me in a bunch of outfits i generated when dall•e first became a thing

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this is a picture my friend ash drew of me in my overalls, which is what i actually wear.

i used to be very active on the app formerly known as twitter. sometimes in fandoms, but i followed brand twitter closely.

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like… very closely

my first jobs were photography gigs. these days i mostly just shoot 35mm for fun

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i was a barista for 2 years at a specialty coffee shop. my go-to drink is an oatmilk cortado — or an iced oat latte :O

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i sent a pitch deck to Pit Viper asking them to sponsor my coming out, and they did.

i’ve since learnt this is not a common practice among queer kids.

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i made this latte

i have not had a single consistent hairstyle/colour in the past 2 years, and i don’t plan to change that.

though, in my mind’s eye i do imagine my character sprite having long pink hair

i’m really good at peace signs and looking slightly concerned in selfies

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i helped start an internet culture newsletter called “silence, brand!” and i occasionally write about brainrot

wanna check it?
follow the crab!

if i did graffiti, this would be my tag.

the milk carton mascot for my agency, SADMILK, is named Juggy, and they are canonically oat milk

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that’s all i got

if u even care /ref

hope this helped. xoxo — benton

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